Tuesday, 21 June 2011

wall mural

A few months ago I've been asked to paint something on the wall in the place where I work - a residential home. Something to brighten the space where residents with dementia live. To be honest I was honoured but at the same time very scared as I felt that responsibility on my shoulders. One day someone said to me : Remember, everything that you paint will stay with this company, on these walls forever !!!

The first day I was so paralysed that I couldn't make a proper movements with my brush... I was making small dots for about 3hours!! I thought that I would never finish this project.

Wall mural stage 1

Then something broke inside of me and I decided to paint as if it were a normal canvas on my wall. If it has to stay for a long time I will make as I would like it to be !! And then everything went easy ….

Wall mural stage 2


Wall mural finished top part .

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

...late Christmas greetings

I know its a bit late . . or early for Christmas 2011, but I wanted to make a slide show of my hand-made Christmas cards. I selected  only a few from a big number of greetings cards. I made them  for residents in the care home where I work. I draw each dog on a white paper then I created a collage from them

                                                           MERRY CHRISTMAS :)  

Thursday, 13 January 2011

prints and illustrations

I selected only a few prints and illustrations from my portfolio. I created them  in the last two years. There is no particular subject which I like to draw or use in my art. I may say that I show everything that is all around me but in more vibrant colours. 
I like to use mixed media to create my art. I sketch  most of them and then I transfer this image into the computer to make it more interesting.

An animation 2

An animation