Tuesday, 21 June 2011

wall mural

A few months ago I've been asked to paint something on the wall in the place where I work - a residential home. Something to brighten the space where residents with dementia live. To be honest I was honoured but at the same time very scared as I felt that responsibility on my shoulders. One day someone said to me : Remember, everything that you paint will stay with this company, on these walls forever !!!

The first day I was so paralysed that I couldn't make a proper movements with my brush... I was making small dots for about 3hours!! I thought that I would never finish this project.

Wall mural stage 1

Then something broke inside of me and I decided to paint as if it were a normal canvas on my wall. If it has to stay for a long time I will make as I would like it to be !! And then everything went easy ….

Wall mural stage 2


Wall mural finished top part .

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

...late Christmas greetings

I know its a bit late . . or early for Christmas 2011, but I wanted to make a slide show of my hand-made Christmas cards. I selected  only a few from a big number of greetings cards. I made them  for residents in the care home where I work. I draw each dog on a white paper then I created a collage from them

                                                           MERRY CHRISTMAS :)  

Thursday, 13 January 2011

prints and illustrations

I selected only a few prints and illustrations from my portfolio. I created them  in the last two years. There is no particular subject which I like to draw or use in my art. I may say that I show everything that is all around me but in more vibrant colours. 
I like to use mixed media to create my art. I sketch  most of them and then I transfer this image into the computer to make it more interesting.

An animation 2

An animation

Friday, 7 January 2011

An art exhibition !!!

Dear All:)

 I am sooo happy to inform that two of my paintings are going to be displayed at the Rhodes Art Centre in Bishop's Stortford from the 14th of February till the 28th of March  this year. I have taken  part in the Art4All competition  and I go through to the final .
You may support my paintings which I called  "Good Granny " and  "Man and the sea" and vote for them during that time.

This is very important to me as I am so attached to both of them. The painting of  " Good granny " is a portrait of my dearest nan  and " Man and the sea " is a portrait of my husband during  a lovely and sunny day at the seaside.